Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Precision Adhesive, In My Opinion

Hello fellow card makers. Today I want to show you what I am using in place of the Quilled Creations Precision tip, that I had been using for my liquid adhesives. I am a Dental Assistant by trade. In my profession, we use dispensing syringes for different materials both in the mouth and in the lab. Many of those materials can be compared in consistency and viscosity to the liquid adhesives that we use in the craft room. So, I asked to borrow a syringe from work to test out the usage with Ranger's Multi Medium Matte and Glossy Accents. These are the two liquid adhesives I use most often on my projects.

The Quilled Creations Precision tip that I purchased for my Multi Medium Matte and Glossy Accents had irritated and annoyed me for quite some time. My frustrations led me to this experiment. I loaded the dispensing syringe, listed below, with Multi Medium matte. I used an 18 gauge dull dispensing tip  and usage cap. I have been using these adhesives this way for the last month. I find it so much better than the Quilled Creations tip that I decided to share it with you today. I have since purchased a larger tub of Multi Medium Matte and a new set of 5 ml syringes and dispensing tips.

I hope you find this new and alternate way of using your liquid adhesives interesting and helpful. Links for the supplies I purchased are listed below, as well as a link to my YouTube video showing these syringes.

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