Sunday, March 29, 2020

The One Where Arteza Sponsored My Lucky to Know You Retreat

Hello everyone. I have a different project for you today. At my recently cancelled Lucky to Know You event I had planned a super fun project using products by Arteza. The people at Arteza where kind enough to send us a ton of acrylic paint to use on a project and even though it was cancelled, I still want to thank them and show you guys what I had planned. You can easily do this project in your own homes. In times like these, a fun project like this may be all you need to lift your spirits.

With Easter approaching, I look forward to dyeing Easter eggs. It was a tradition done in my family for several generations and I continue the activity with my own children.

This project is along the same lines as dyeing Easter eggs only more permanent. I bought 100 wooden eggs from Amazon for us all to paint. Arteza sent us 4 boxes of acrylic paint to make sure we had plenty of colors to choose from.

After my event was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, I made a new plan to get my kids in on the painting. They absolutely loved painting eggs with me. My kids range in age from 18 down to age 6 and all of them loved this activity.

We started by making sure everyone had a disposable palette from Arteza. These palettes come in packs of two with 40 sheets in each book. These disposable palette sheets can be used in or torn out of the book. They can be described as highly glossy non stick paper.

Once everyone had a place to put their colors of choice, we began to squeeze out colors which is easily done with the handy squeeze bottle the Arteza Acrylic paints come in. We made piles of pastel colors for everyone. We also used some of Arteza's Iridescent acrylic paints which give a metallic finish.

I liked painting mine fully one color and then adding some metallic accents to the finished egg. I tried everything from taping off a straight line to just adding brush strokes of metallic gold paint. I love the gold that came in the pack of 40. I also really like the green in the Iridescent set of paints.

We used the handy egg cartons to hold the eggs while they dried. The eggs that I bought have a flat bottom. I knew this would be important when we painted them as well as afterwards. Actually using the egg as decor would be much better with a flat bottom.

For the robin's egg looking eggs. I used a baby blue paint to cover the entire egg and once it was dry, I used the brown paint and a little bit of water to water it down, and sprinkled it with a toothbrush over the blue egg. I also did this with the pink and lavender eggs as well.

I did not paint the eggs with any kind of primer before taking the acrylic paint directly to these eggs. I did find that multiple coats were needed without using a primer but we didn't care. We had loads of fun slapping paint on all of these eggs and using our imaginations to decide what they looked like in the end.

I hope that I have inspired you to create something today. I have linked the Arteza products used on this project as well as the eggs purchased from Amazon. We used whatever paint brushes we had in front of us.

I want to thank Arteza again for sponsoring my event and this fun family project.

Thank you for visiting my blog today.


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