Saturday, November 17, 2018

Spellbinders Gingerbread House with Nuvo Vintage Drops

Hello everyone.

Today I am sharing with you a video I created a for Spellbinders, using their Charming Cottage Box Die Set.  I have been dying to make a gingerbread house, but not the kind you eat, just the kind you create using paper. This die did the trick for me. I was able to create an adorable gingerbread house that was festive and fun for the holiday season.

I love the beautiful Scandinavian gingerbread houses you see on Pinterest. If you haven't seen these types of gorgeous gingerbread houses, then do yourself a favor and google or Pinterest Scandinavian Gingerbread House and you will see my inspiration for this project. You can also keep reading so see some photos of the completed project and a complete list of supplies.

The video below shows a much simpler way to use the die and create a stunning light up Gingerbread house. Check the description box of the video for a list of supplies used on that project.

As far as the creation of the gingerbread house with the Nuvo drops on it. I created the house the same exact way as I created the house in the video. I just decorated the outside differently and added a different stamped sentiment on the biscuit like tag.

I added each Nuvo Vintage drop onto flat layouts of the gingerbread house and waited impatiently for them to dry. There were quite a few times were I messed up dropped things on freshly dropped drops! It was not an easy project to create, but I had a blast, despite its difficulty. I absolutely love how it turned out and I'm hoping to create more just like it over the holidays with my family.

A complete list of supplies I used to create this project is linked below, using Affiliate links when available at no additional cost to you- these links help provide some financial relief to small businesses, such as myself. Thank you for supporting my blog and YouTube Channel. I really appreciate you all so much. Happy Holidays.


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