Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ink Cube Storage

Hello fellow cardmakers and crafters. Today I am sharing with you my new ink cube storage.

I buy ink cubes for a few reasons. First, I like to have ALL the colors and I don't have a room completely dedicated to ink storage. I like to have other supplies in my craft room. Second, I like to take my ink pad to my stamp for inking. I can do this easier with a small cube instead of the larger full size ink pad. Some inking techniques lend itself to the smaller ink cube, but that is for another blog post. Lastly, they are so stinking cute, come on, look at those little cubes, aren't they adorable? It all started with Stampin' Up! and their Stampin' Spots- they were my first ink purchase about 13 years ago. They have since been replaced with newer brands.

I know what you're thinking, more ink is better, and the cube doesn't have enough ink. Well, thats why I buy the re-inker.

re-inker storage
So, my craftroom is made up of many pieces from Ikea, Target, and office furniture stores. My ink, is stored in an Ikea Alex drawer unit (the short gray one). I searched high and low for the best way to organize them, so that they can stay in this unit which lives under my work surface, in close range, and easy to grab.

First, I found a plastic bead storage container. I got the idea from kwcarddesign. You can click on that link to find her blog. I originally stored my ink cubes this way. But I found it irritating to have to get out the container, open the container, grab the color I want... It just got in my way. So, I started looking for another option.

original method
 I found these foam inserts at Close to my Heart. They are made for their plastic storage container systems, but I didn't want another plastic container, so I ordered them to just sit in my drawer. So far, so good. I can open the drawer, grab what I want and not have anything else in my way.

new foam insert

The insert measures 10 3/8 x 14 3/8 and it holds up to 40 ink cubes. It is rigid enough to pull out on its own. I plan to stack 3 in a drawer. One on either side and one to stack on top of whichever one isn't being accessed at the moment. That is 120 ink cubes per drawer!!! Ya'll better start making more ink cubes!!!

thick foam rigidity

blending foam storage

The bad part is that my Distress Inks, that I use to ink- blend, well, I store the Ranger foam pads under those ink cubes. When this occurs, the ink cube does not sit down into the little square as good as without it. I haven't decided how big of a deal this is to me or not at all. I just thought I would mention it. If I come up with a solution for this, I will let you know.

If you have any questions or need additional photos, just let me know, I would be happy to share.

Thanks for visiting my blog today,


PS. I ordered directly from Close to My Heart online. I do not have a CTMH Consultant.

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